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The Town of Mazomanie is located along the Wisconsin River in northwestern Dane County, Wisconsin. The Town is about 30 miles west of the state capitol, Madison.

Until further notice all current Agendas, Minutes and Election Notices will be posted to the front page of the website!!!!!

We are currently experiencing an issue with the Agenda and Minute documents uploading correctly and with the email delivery system . We are trying to fix it and hope to have it back up and running soon.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

landplanagenda04032023 (April’s Land Plan Agenda)

boardminutes02132023 (Feb Board Minutes)

landplanminutes02062023 (Feb Land Plan Minutes)

Type E Notice April 2023 (Absentee voting information for April Election)

public test notice spring election 2023

Dane County Type B Spring 2023(1) (Notice of Spring Election)

Sample Ballots

type D notice Spring 2023 (Notice of Spring Election in Town of Mazomanie)

Dane County Type C Spring 2023(1) (Notice of Referendum for Dane County)

State Type C Notice of Ref for April 2023(1) (Notice of Referendum for State of Wis)



A Fireworks permit is required for ALL firework being done in the Township. To get a Fireworks permit please call the Town Hall at 608-795-2920 or email at [email protected].


Dane county has received money to fund rural broadband improvement projects. They are actively requesting that every home in Dane county perform a speed test in order to decide where to distribute those funds. Please click on the following link and follow the instructions. This only take a few minutes, and you can be discrete if you’d like. Qualification for this money is largely based on survey participation.

We have an update on the Charter broadband project currently underway in the Town of Mazomanie.  Charter has contracted Ledcor to oversee the fiber optic line installation.  The actual work is being performed by United Electric.  If you see trucks with signs from either company on the routes previously provided, know that they are installing fiber (orange duct).  These two contractors are responsible for all restoration on these routes, including back dirt as needed, seed and straw.  These crews can average a half mile of duct placement per day.  Charter, like everybody else, is experiencing material shortages, e.g. pedestals, that are placed near the houses for service.  Some residents may see orange duct penetrating out of the ground until they can obtain the materials.  Once material is installed, they will perform the restoration.  Please be patient with these crews.

The crews are targeting to have the installation complete by the end of July, but material shortages may extend that.  Once complete, residents are notified that service is available and if they schedule an install, a Charter technician will place the service wire from the pedestal to the house. You will likely receive a call from a Charter sales person within the next month or so.  They tend to start that process near the end of construction.

Finally, the Town of Mazomanie worked with Charter to extend the service to Reuter Road, and we are pleased to announce that they agreed.

Please reach out to the Town of Mazomanie at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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