Elected Officials

The Town Board consists of the chairperson, 4 supervisors, a clerk (non-voting member), and a treasurer (non-voting member). All are elected for 2-year terms, with 2 supervisors and the chair are elected one year, and the other two supervisors on the alternate years. The Board meets on the 2nd MONDAY of every month at 6:30 PM in the Town Hall, 711 West Hudson Street. Agenda items are due 2 weeks before the meeting.
Position Name Home Phone
Town Board Chairman Fred Wolf 795-2668 or 608-577-8182
Town Board Supervisor Dan Behringer 795-2618 or 608-225-0729
Town Board Supervisor Stan Beuthin 767-2373 or 608-206-7735
Town Board Supervisor Cody O’Connell 608-219-1962
Town Board Supervisor Jeremy Lang 608-215-5249
Treasurer Kristi Beuthin [email protected] 608-795-2920
Clerk Courtney Beuthin [email protected] 608-795-2920