Town Roads

The Town of Mazomanie Patrolman is Keith Henn. One of the primary responsibilities of the patrolman is maintenance of the town roads. Please report any issues to the Town Hall, (608) 795-2920 or [email protected].

Road Issue to Report?

Roads within Mazomanie Township are maintained by three government entities depending upon their ownership.

To report road damage, downed trees or pot holes, please notify the appropriate entity below:

  • TOWNSHIP ROADS (named roads, not numbers or letters): Patrolman Keith Henn by phone at 608-795-2920 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Any issue that the Township is informed of regarding a Town owned and maintained road will be responded to in a expeditious manner.
  • STATE ROADS (designated by numbers, i.e. 78): Dane County Highway and Transportation by phone at 608-266-4261 (Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30 pm). If after hours, contact non-emergency number 608-255-2345.
  • DANE COUNTY ROADS (designated by letters, i.e. JJ): Dane County Highway and Transportation by phone at 608-266-4261 (Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30 pm). If after hours, contact non-emergency number 608-255-2345.

Tree Trimming Policy

Mazomanie’s tree trimming policy is designed with 5 goals in mind:

  1. Protect the Town’s investment in their roads
  2. Provide safe roads
  3. Allow for efficient road maintenance
  4. Allow for landowner notification and input
  5. Protect the natural beauty of the town

The patrolman and his team may cut within the town right-of-way. Dead or decaying trees as well as any trees less than 4 inches in diameter will be cut completely. Additionally, any box-elder, buck thorn, prickly ash, poplar, honeysuckle and mulberry will be cut completely. Birch, cherry, red cedar, elms and any other trees not yet mentioned will be cut if they present a safety concern on a road curve or at an intersection.

Sound oaks, hickory, maple, walnut and other mature species more than 4 inches in diameter will be trimmed. Branches that are hanging less than 25 feet above an area that covers the road width will also be trimmed. Trimming will be done while the tree is dormant. Due to oak blights, trimming of or near oak trees will be done in winter months.

Wood that is cut will be left in appropriate lengths along the roadway for landowners to collect. If the wood is not picked up within 30 days, the patrolman may make other arrangements.


Mowing is generally 20 feet back from the edge of the road. Every attempt will be made to respect any prairie plants or other wildflowers along the roadways per landowners request.

Winter Road Maintenance

Maintenance is completed in the order of priority below:

  1. All daily traveled school bus routes
  2. Collector roads
  3. Daily traveled U.S. mail routes
  4. Dead-end roads

All other roads will be plowed as soon as equipment is available on in the immediate area with available time. Turn-around plowing is the responsibility of landowners. Turn-arounds must be of adequate use for town equipment.

By state statute (81.15), the Town has 3 weeks to remove natural snow and ice accumulation. The Town’s goal is to maintain the roads in good winter driving conditions as weather, equipment and budgets allow.

The town road crews will not plow on private property without authorization from the Town Board. The Town of Mazomanie will not take any responsibility for removal of snow that is plowed into private driveways from the road clearing operation. Driveway maintenance is the property owners responsibility.

Please note: State statute prohibits plowing any snow from driveways onto the town road. If you hire someone to plow your driveway, be sure they know the law concerning this matter.


ATV/UTV Ordinance

The Town of Mazomanie has adopted Dane County’s ATV/UTV ordinances.

A) Adoption of statutory provisions. The provisions of S23.33 Wis. Stats., and hereby adopted and incorporated herein as reference.

1) ATV’s and UTV’s are permitted on all township roads per vehicular travel unless otherwise specified.

2) ATV’s and UTV’s shall be open from 5:00am to 10:00pm daily.

3) The township may close ATV and UTV routes at any time through the removal of routes signage and by providing notice to the public.

B) Route signs: The township shall emplace signage of the ATV/UTV routes, provided by the local ATV/UTV clubs at their cost, in accordance with ch. NR 64.12 of the Wis. Adm. Code.

C) Restrictions on operations. In addition to the provisions of S23.33 Wis. Stats., and Ch. NR 64.07 Wis. Adm. Code, the following restrictions are placed on the use of the Township ATV/UTV routes permitted under this section:

1) The operators of ATV/UTV’s on all designated ATV/UTV routes shall observe a 35 MPH speed limit and follow all other applications traffic regulations.

2) ATV/UTV operators shall ride in a single file.

3) ATV/UTV operators shall possess a valid operator’s license and defined in S340.01(41g), Wis Stats., as may be amended from time    to time, including a safety certification if required by the State Law.

4) Speed limit in neighborhoods are 25 MPH.

5) 35 MPH on Township roads,

6) Helmets are required by anyone 18 years and under in an UTV. Seat belts required on UTV by everyone.

7) License plates are required on all ATV/UTV.