Local Government

The governing body in the Town of Mazomanie is the Town Board of Supervisors. The Town Board of Supervisors consists of a Town Chair and four Supervisors who represent the entire town’s population.  Two Supervisors are elected to two-year terms (Seats 2 & 4) which expire in even years.  Two Supervisors are elected to two-year terms (Seats 1 & 3) expiring in odd years, along with the Town Chair, Treasurer and Clerk.

What’s the difference between the Town of Mazomanie and the Village of Mazomanie?
The Town of Mazomanie is in the country and surrounds the Village of Mazomanie. The Village sits near the southern border of the Town. To see the borders, select DCiMap from Access Dane’s website, and Navigate by Municipality. The Town’s northern border is mainly the Wisconsin River. The Town’s eastern border is the Town of Roxbury and the Town of Berry. The Town’s southern border is the Town of Black Earth. The Town’s western border is Iowa County. The Town of Mazomanie and the Village of Mazomanie share the same zip code (53560).