Town of Mazomanie Scholarship


Since the spring of 2010, The Town of Mazomanie has offered up to $1000 for scholarships to graduating Town of Mazomanie resident high school seniors who are pursuing post secondary educational opportunities.

The Town Board will appoint a committee to review scholarship applicants and the Board will accept the judgment of the committee as to who the recipients should be and the amount that shall be awarded.  The Board instructs the committee to take the following factors into account when awarding scholarships from the Town.

  1. First and foremost, the scholarship must go to a town resident.
  2. The student should have maintained a 3.0 (or better) grade point average during his/her junior and senior years.
  3. Preferably, the student is NEITHER valedictorian or 2nd in his/her class.
  4. Preference should be given to students who have exhibited civic-mindedness, either thru community service or employment.
  5. The student should be continuing his/her education either at an accredited college or technical school.
  6. Neatness counts.
  7. Students will be asked to write a short essay (no more than 1 page- typed, double spaced) answering the following question:  Why is Town government important and why should citizens be involved?

The Town will not actually disburse the money to the student until he/she has successfully completed his/her first semester of post-secondary study and maintained at least a 2.5 grade average during that term.  When the student finishes his/her first term, he/she should send a copy of his/her transcript to the Town and the Town will then disburse the scholarship money directly to the student.  

Scholarship Application

Applications are also available from the Town Clerk—795-2920 or [email protected] and must be submitted by MARCH 29, 2024