Broadband Speed Tests

Town of Mazomanie Residents:

The Town Board is currently investigating internet speeds and broadband connections in our area. We are asking you to take the time and visit, complete the test and forward your results to us by 11/06/2015.

After running the test, please document the following:

1. Download Rate.
2. Upload Rate.
3. Time of day you ran the test.
4. Date you ran the test.
5. Road you live on.
6. Name of internet provider.

For the best compilation, please run this test on five separate occasions and provide the above information for each of those tests. The information you provide will be used to support any grant application, funding consideration and possible complaints to the internet providers..

Please send your results to Mazomanie Town Hall, 711 W Hudson St, Mazomanie, WI 53560. You can mail them or drop them off any time by using the drop box at the door. You can also e-mail the results to [email protected].